Doesn’t Self-Care Come Naturally?

Have you ever worried that in doing something incredibly wonderful for yourself, you might appear selfish in the eyes of others? Or might you have suffered pangs of guilt at the thought of actually being selfish when doing something for yourself? Have you ever said “yes” to granting a favor for a friend, when you…


How Can Your Name Reveal Your Purpose?

How can your name reveal your purpose? | Learn more about names from Maryanna Korwitts. Visit

Believe it or not, your name is alive with invisible energy. In ways that might seem difficult to understand, your first, middle and last name combine on your birth certificate to define the details of your sacred life contract. Yes, all those little vowels and consonants that spell out your identity have an uncanny ability…


Is Your Name an Anxiety Generator?

Is Your Name an Anxiety Generator? | Learn more about names from Maryanna Korwitts. Visit

Names carry a silent and subliminal field of energy that influences us morning till night. Very much like the subliminal influence of color (red stimulates, blue subdues), name energy cannot be detected through our conscious awareness. It secretly does its thing behind the scenes relentlessly instilling a mood that we respond to minute by minute…


A Donald By Any Other Name?

A Donald By Any Other Name | Learn more about names from Maryanna Korwitts. Visit

Many traditional first names are closely linked to commonly used alternative nicknames. And those nicknames frequently become more called-upon than the formal given name. Consider such examples as William (Bill, Billy, Will) or Elizabeth (Liz, Betty, Beth, Eliza). So what about Donald Trump? What if he were to announce to the world that he now…


Names and Career Choices

Names and Career Choices | Learn more about names from Maryanna Korwitts. Visit

Discovering a job or career that will bring satisfaction, fulfillment and ample financial reward can be a challenge. In fact, many individuals try one job after another over a life-time, always reaching and searching for THE ONE. Believe it or not, a name can provide plenty of clues as to the type of work that…