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Q: Are name changes ever a good idea?

A: Before considering a legal name change, it is important to evaluate the reasons for change. It is never a good idea to hope a name change will provide escape or relief from current unsavory life conditions. For sure, any change in name vibration will produce a shift in life energy, but an individual is best-served by making sure lessons have been learned from current situations before moving on to a different identity. When a name change is implemented, the new name should be chosen with future goals and desired growth in mind. To pick a new name on the basis of sight and sound alone might lead to disappointment, especially if the energy fueling the name is not complementary. When one name component is changed (first or middle), the entire full name must be evaluated for ideal balance.

Q: Which is most important, the first name or the full name?

A: Both are important in their own right. The first name governs the realm of everyday existence, with its influence affecting personality development to the max. The full name particularly affects job/career, financial growth, travel, business dealings and partnership. Ideally first and last name work together to provide optimal support.

Q: Is it true that people with the same name are similar in personality?

A: Individuals with the same name won’t be identical carbon copies, but those who share the same name will surely show common trait tendencies. Depending on the name, you may find a strong bond with someone else who shares your moniker… or someone who shares your name archetype.

Q: Does a name play a role in a person’s career choices?

A: Believe it or not, career preferences can be predicted by way of an individual’s name. This is because the subliminal influence of a name is meant to direct a person’s attention around everything from everyday interests to job focus. Often, when an individual is struggling to determine a professional path, a name consultation can help point the way toward a fulfilling vocational choice.

Q: How do names affect relationships?

A: Hidden in the codes of name structure, there are clues as to an individual’s relationship needs and compatibility style. In addition, name energy sets up an attraction field that affects who is drawn into your life. By looking at your name archetype, you will discover the type of relationship that will best suit you and you will also find out your dominant interaction style. Some individuals are meant to experience a great deal of freedom and independence, even amidst partnership while others thrive on constant contact.

Q: Can a name reveal life destiny?

A: Sound is important, since sound carries vibrational power. If a name has multiple pronunciations, choose the one that flows with ease and provides the fullest expression of vowel sound. Then dictate to others how you prefer your name to be said.

Q: How does spelling affect a name?

A: Each letter in a name is like an ingredient in a stew with its own properties, yet meant to affect the whole through blending. Every letter is important to the name whether a vowel or consonant that is heard or silent. That’s why, in changing one letter, the purpose of the name shifts. Many names have multiple spellings to offer just the right vibration to the name bearer.

Q: Is it important to use a middle name or initial in a signature?

A: Since most people have several signature choices, it is a good practice to familiarize yourself with the effects of each choice so all can be used with conscious awareness. For some, using a middle initial will enhance financial potential. For others, it is the middle name written-out that lends the most business strength. A person seeking to be a writer, could find that going without a middle name or initial will provide the greatest creative support. Yet others, like J.K. Rowling might have the greatest advantage with only initials. Everyone who owns a name, should know the pros and cons of every signature option.