Maryanna Korwitts and The Name Method


Learn the Language of Names, and You'll Have the Inside Story on Human Behavior!

It is through the energetic science of NAMEOLOGY that we discover how names define our behavior and establish our life purpose. Over and over through the day, names are exchanged, written, shouted, whispered, read, engraved and even tattooed.

Names are everywhere... defining, differentiating and labeling.

Names are taken for granted, even as they are held sacred. And now, as the world seeks to know more about the mysteries that lie hidden outside the ready reach of the senses, it is time to uncover the true nature of names.

Like everything else in the Universe, words are energy... and names are no exception. Every name carries a powerful frequency or vibration that is established by its own unique pattern of vowels and consonants. That frequency, though silent, becomes the software of the personality, programming the underlying mood of a person's mental, emotional and physical environment.

So why study The Name Method?

  • Once you understand how names work, you will be able to accurately "read" the behavior of everyone around you.
  • In knowing what others truly want and need, you will find yourself effortlessly connecting with friends, family and business associates.
  • As you understand the true purpose behind a name, you will no longer guess about the motives of those around you.
  • The study of name energy will attune your ability to help both yourself and others realize your greatest dreams and life goals.

The Name Method will give you an uncommon edge!

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