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How Can Your Name Reveal Your Purpose?

Believe it or not, your name is alive with invisible energy. In ways that might seem difficult to understand, your first, middle and last name combine on your birth certificate to define the details of your sacred life contract. Yes, all those little vowels and consonants that spell out your identity have an uncanny ability to broadcast the energy that directs your mood, your motivation and even your response to the people around you. Once you learn the language of names, you can begin decoding the details that reveal your life purpose. From there it becomes possible to key into an energetic roadmap which can literally direct you toward all that you are meant to achieve and accomplish. Not surprisingly, those who tap into a strong sense of purpose in life are often those who experience the greatest level of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

The letter pattern in a name establishes a formula that translates into one of 81 different archetypes, each of which gives a snapshot-story of a name’s personality.

If your name carries the Happy Family-Lover archetype, you will be happiest when involved in a close-knit family unit where you provide guidance and nurturing to those around you. On the other hand, if your name carries the Unstoppable Achiever archetype, you may check in with your family here and there, but will feel most on-track when reaching for ever-higher goals in the world at large.

A name archetype can also provide clues to reasons behind your deepest struggles. Many Rambunctious Firecrackers wonder why they can’t seem to settle in one place for long. But the truth is, these folks are meant to experience a continuous stream of new challenges while protecting their freedom with vigor. Even though Hands-On Pioneers might frequently feel lonely and unsupported, it’s self-sufficiency that will open the door to new frontiers.

If you’d like to learn a little about your first name archetype, visit The First Name Report Card page on this website. Keep in mind that since you have several name components and combinations, the first name archetype gives you just one piece of your life-contract puzzle. Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Maryanna to find out more about how you can align with your name energy to live the life of your dreams!

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For the past 20 years, Maryanna Korwitts has researched ancient naming tradition, name etymology, energetic patterns encoded in name spellings, and charted naming trends in our culture. She works with clients worldwide doing name consultations, profiles, and compatibility evaluations.