Free Resources

Daily Cycle Forecast

Once you understand that there are underlying patterns supporting your life direction, you can synchronize personal decisions and efforts with your cycles to create a path marked by rewarding and beneficial growth and success.

Name Therapy Guide

Our names affect our lives and our destiny. Find out more with this guide.

Name Energy Report Card

Find out some of the grades a first name earns as it goes about influencing personality traits and life circumstances through its energy archetype.

Baby Naming Lab

There's so much to consider when naming your baby! The look and sound of a name, getting just the right spelling, matching the best middle name with the first name, initials and so much more. Try out combinations and put it all together through Maryanna's interactive Baby Naming Lab!

Compatibility Lab

There's a lot that goes into creating compatibility and making relationships work! Believe it or not, names can offer big clues as to whether two people will enjoy exceptional compatibility... or not. Use this Compatibility Lab to get in touch with those around you...friends, family, colleagues, employees and business partners.

Business Name Report

While the look, sound and wordage of your business name is important, so is
the subliminal energy behind the spelling. Discover the subliminal energy behind
your particular business name to see if it is a good fit for your enterprise. A slight
change in spelling or a total change in your name may make a huge difference.