How do you know when it's time to leave your former shell behind?


How do you know when it's time to leave your former shell behind?

My story...

Learn more about Maryanna Korwitts visit maryannakorwitts.comOver 20 years ago I made the decision to change my own name. I was motivated initially after I discovered that my given name, "Mary Ann," brought lots of anxiousness and emotional adrenaline into my energy field. I wanted very much to get rid of the anxiety attacks I struggled with from the time I was a little girl. But also, I wanted my first name to flow as one instead of in two parts. I went from Mary Ann Kowalkiewicz to Maryanna Korwitts and immediately noticed many positive shifts in my life. A name change isn't a magic wand. However, a well-constructed name-change can certainly open the door to new possibilities!

My name change is just part of my story. Professionally, my background is in education and psychology. When I was just five years old I was already setting up a little classroom for my dolls and stuffed animals. So when I graduated from high school it was an easy decision to get my degree in education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. But along with my love of teaching I've also had a lifelong interest in psychology and human behavior. Through my graduate work in psychology at Marquette University and beyond, I was forever seeking an objective tool that could help people understand themselves and others better. Based around that understanding, I believed there could come a way to make changes in our lives that could improve relationships and make dreams come true.

I discovered that tool in the most surprising of ways. After spending a few years teaching first and second graders, I began noticing that children with the same names had a lot of similarities. Jeffs, Emilys and Jasons were high-energy and loved to think outside the box, even if it meant getting reprimanded for talking without raising their hands. Sarahs, Eliotts and Heathers were often extra-sensitive and cried easily if their feelings were hurt. These observations were supported by my colleagues who were noticing the same similarities with name-related behavior. Thus, began my lifelong quest into learning the language of name energy. I looked at ancient naming traditions in a variety of cultures and discovered that meanings of names found in baby naming books were actually rooted in name-pattern influences that were methodically created with expert know-how many centuries ago. As my knowledge base grew, I began working with people around their name energies, helping clients get in touch with their lives and their purpose through a deeper understanding of their energetic identities.

Over the past 25 years, I have been and continue to be dedicated to helping people understand the world and themselves better by first keying into the nature of their name contracts. Once the details of that contract become known, the path to fulfillment can be consciously well-charted.

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Each time we meet I go into my sequestered space and invite you to do the same... I am there with you on sacred ground where we can explore the wondrous mysteries of your life past, your life present, and your life future. It is in this space that you will truly find and embrace your authentic self. And the life you long to live will begin unfolding in front of you.


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